Dear Barbara Estabrook,

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your staff for the personal, professional and compassionate care you provided my mother while she was a resident at the Haven for the past 2+ years. You and your staff were always there to help mom. This personal and compassionate care became so important to mom during the most important and difficult period; the last weeks of her life.

As you know, during those last weeks, my husband and I were struggling with whether to leave mom at the Haven or move her to a nursing home. I believe fate stepped in and gave us the guidance we were seeking when we were making this decision. One of your aides stated to us, “Why not put your mom in the Arbors so we can visit her”. That speaks volumes for the personal compassion that exists in your staff. Over the last 2 years we have had the joy of meeting mom’s caregivers, dining and cleaning staff and we sincerely believe The Haven was the best care facility we could have selected for mom. You know that my husband and I were struggling with this decision and your personal involvement during this period was a guiding factor. Your willingness to talk to and cooperate with us meant more to us than you will ever know.

When mom’s health deteriorated significantly over the last few weeks and she was experiencing significant night time restlessness, it became evident that your staff went out of their way to provide the comfort and health care mom required.  After our meeting with Care Alternative Hospice and the Haven staff on Tuesday, my husband and I made the difficult decision to have mom transported to a long term care facility on Friday. On Wednesday prior to the move my husband and I rescinded on our decision to move to the LTC facility and decided to keep her at the Haven. On Thursday a modification to her medication order was made to help with mom’s obvious breathing issues and your staff ensured us that the medication would be given timely. On Friday Mom’s health deteriorated significantly and Care Alternative Hospice provided crisis care. We were with mom during the first crisis care shift and the beginning of the 2nd, Mom passed away in peace and with out pain on Saturday. My husband and I are convinced that had you and your staff not been involved in her care with understanding and compassion, we would have made a very tragic decision in moving mom from the Haven.

My mother loved seeing and talking with your staff. Words cannot express how much we appreciate the care given to mom by your staff, especially during the last week of her life. Our words just do not seem adequate enough to thank you. I would like to share with you recent words written by my mom on a scrap of piece of paper we found next to her recliner after she passed. “I said a prayer last night as I usually do. I did not ask for silver or gold or luxury things that are real. I prayed for peace on earth and good health for all. I asked for love for all, winter spring and fall. What a wonderful world we have and God loves us all; A thank you prayer”.

 I think that says it all. You will never know how grateful we are that you and your staff were part of my mother’s life these past couple of years. A thank you just does not seem sufficient enough for all The Haven staff did for mom and for us as well during mom’s stay. I wish you and the staff the very best now and in the future. May God bless you all for your compassion, professionalism and dedication to duty. We will never forget you and your staff.


Darlene Storer


Dear Haven Staff,

I just want to send a heartfelt thank you to the staff at The Haven at Silverwoods. They gave my sister and I so much comfort during my Mother’s (Margaret Corriero) last weeks of life. From the nursing staff to the kitchen and cleaning crew, we can never thank you enough. Barbara and the staff will be in our hearts forever for the care, love and respect they gave our mother. Anne and I can never thank the staff enough or explain how special they became to us in our time of sorrow.


Margaret Sesny


Barbara and the fine, fine staff at The Haven,

When I think of the things I am most grateful for – you and your staff are on the top of my list. A million bessings to all of you, for your professionalism, your compassion or kindness…and God Bless your sense of humor!! Mom is a lucky lady!
Constance Gerard


To all the Caregivers at THE HAVEN!
This is regarding THE MARRIAGE VOWS given in the Dining Room at THE HAVEN on Sunday, December 30th at 2.30 pm by Three Married Couple Residents. It is impossible to relate our personal pleasure by the HAVEN CAREGIVERS who invited us to participate and by the professional planning and execution by these people, THE CAREGIVERS AT THE HAVEN.

The arrangement of the room was well done and an arch had been provided for the Minister. The Brides carried a bouquet of flowers and the Grooms wore a boutonniere. The Minister, Deacon Jamie Cheney, described the meeting of the couples and their courting and marriage experiences of the three couples. He blessed them and pronounced them Man and Wife.

A wedding cake for each couple had been provided permitting each couple to have their picture taken while cutting a “wedding cake”. The Sparkling Cider added to the ambiance of the occasion. This affair was observed by over 100 residents and guests.
Thank You
Theda and Harold Fritz


I wanted to take the time now that everything has calmed down, to tell you how pleased I am with my parent’s care at The Haven. Everyone in their own way has been helpful and pleasant, but there are some people with whom I’ve had the most contact, who really stand out.

Claire, of course, is always there – level-headed and helpful. One problem I encountered in the beginning was communication! Every time I called, I would be speaking to someone different who gave me different information and it was extremely frustrating for me. I learned finally, that I should speak only with Alice (who is also fabulous), Claire and Sue (who was consoling in a time of need) because they were the people with accurate information. If you had voice mail just for them, it would be much less confusing.

Cyndy is excellent, thorough and caring toward my parents. She has foreseen many concerns I’ve had especially about meds, and my mother has always felt compassion from her.

Dina has also been a cheerleader to calm them and has answered my questions and helped me with decisions and answers. Candy has also been upbeat, encouraging and knowledgeable since the initial in-take. With my mother’s upcoming procedure, it is such a relief to leave everything in their hands (Cyndy’s whom I gave the scrips) because I know they’ll get it right!

Janet has also been outstanding in her assessment of my dad, her encouraging words and her concern for his progress.

I cannot believe the progress he’s made. He has independently answered the phone, is tying his shoes, can watch television and is basically focused when we’re together. Dr. Bryman certainly prescribed perfectly for him.

My one disappointment is that Elma is not more in their schedule. I observed her with my father one day when we were waiting for my mother. She was a natural – sense of humour, respect and ability to relate to him! Although it is great that she’s the one who cajoles him into his shower, I’m so sorry she is not more involved in daily routines.

Nothing I’ve said means that there are not other people who are caring and good with my parents (and me). The people I mentioned have just been outstanding in their role and it is exceptional that you have such a talented staff. That’s a credit to you, Barbara, for hiring them. Last but not least, thanks to you, and you know the many ways you helped.
Laurie Shelton, daughter
Natalie and Russell Beattie


Dear Mr. Allgair,

My sister and I are sending this note in a feeble attempt to express our sincere appreciation, gratitude and admiration for the leadership and staff of the Haven. Our dad, Neil Cantermessner just passed away while under hospice care at the facility, and it is our firm conviction he could not have received any more compassionate care anywhere in the world. His passing was accomplished with comfort, security and dignity, and all who participated in this process are to be commended. (And from our viewpoint, there were few who did NOT participate).

It is noteworthy to comment on the team that comprises your staff at the Haven.

Teamwork appears in most organizations mission statements these days, but does not frequently expose itself in actual operations. Not so at the Haven. You have assembled a team that is highly cross functional, and where leadership literally rolls up sleeves to do what is necessary. “Leading by example” is impressive on paper – awesome in practice. People on your team consistently showed a willingness to extend themselves beyond job descriptions to make sure Niel was cared for to the very best of their knowledge and abilities. No one could ask for more. They demonstrate by their actions, that they care about what they do and care for the people place in their charge.

Our Mother will continue her residence at the Haven and it is warm and comfortable feeling to know that she will have those same people support her through her transition and beyond when family members cannot be in attendance.

We offer our thanks to you for creating a facility that is more than a residence, instead, a small community of homes, staffed by competent, compassionate people who have come to be adopted into our extended family.

With heartfelt thanks,

Patty Ellison, Fran Maycock, and Chet Czaplicki


Dear Barbara,

My step-sister, Fran and I had the pleasure of meeting you briefly at the end of our first visit and tour of your facility. Since that visit took place, both my mother and step-dad have been situated in their new apartment and are getting acquainted with the setup.

I would like to extend my thanks to you and your staff for making this transition as painless as possible. Your group has presented itself as professional and caring by going out of their collective ways to accommodate their new client and “the kids” seem to be enjoying the habitat.

Of special mention, I’d like to commend Tara Bonelli along with Jackie (sorry, didn’t get her last name), for the interest they took with Helen and Neil, and their efforts to make them comfortable in the Haven – from doing the induction interviews to making personal visits as rechecks on the suitability of the apartment.

Also of note are Cindi and Sharlene who did the initial nursing assessments and followed up on care issues after arrival.

It seems “the kids” will be well cared for and significantly safer than being on their own. Mom has commented favorably on the food – and I’m sure you’re familiar with how important that issue is, as there is great store in simple pleasures.

All I can add is, please keep up the good work, our experience is a very happy one so far.


Chet Czaplicki


Re: Cornelius Cantermessner

Dear Barbara,

This letter expresses sincere gratitude for; everything your staff did to welcome my Dad and Helen to their new home at the Haven. My step-brother, sister and I were overwhelmed by the compassion demonstrated by each member of your staff to make them comfortable in their new surroundings.

Unfortunately, my Dad was only able to experience a very short stay at the Haven. Each member of your staff from administration, nursing, food technicians and housekeeping went out of their way to demonstrate enormous support to our family so that we could be together during this difficult time. A day did not go by without staff stopping by to offer their service. The gift you gave our family during this experience will never be forgotten and needs to be a true testimony to the administrative staff of the Haven.

My aspiration is that the Haven could serve as a role model for other assisted living facilities, so that families could rest assured that their loved ones would receive the same compassionate care so necessary for this stage of life.

We call Helen several times a week and are delighted to hear about her experiences at the Haven and we are so grateful to know that your staff is watching over her during this very lonely and difficult time.

In memory of my Dad, Rich and I are proud to enclose our donation of $500 to the Haven’s fund raising event for the Alzheimer’s Association.

The exemplary kindness demonstrated by the staff at the Haven to our family will live in our hearts forever!


Fran and Rich Maycock


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